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How To Receive A Massage

How To Receive A Massage

Massage is one of the fastest growing preventative health care modalities.  Massage therapists assit you in maintaining optimal body functions and wellness.  Your job as the client is to relax and breathe.  For those who find that hard to do, here are some helpful hints:

  • Breathe deeply and regularly without force, breathing deep in the belly (diaphragm) and following the breath all the way out on the exhalation.  Count in 3's:  breathing in with a 3 count, hold for 3 seconds, breathe out 3 seconds and hold for 3 seconds; breathe in again.
  • Allow the body and all of the muscles to become very heavy and sink into the massage table.

As the therapist's hands locate areas of tension, consciously let go and see these areas that are tight "loosen up".  Visualization will help as you allow your imagination to creat an image for your body to follow.  A good image to help tension dissipate is butter melting or something like a tight string loosening up.  With the breath these tense or hypertonic areas of the body will be able to relax and flow again.  With practice visualization becomes easier.  Some people "feel" and sense more with their inner feelings rather than to "see" visually.  This works just as well.

Talk, for the most part, during a massage session may distract the mind and prohibit the deep flow and healing that often occurs through quieting the mind.  This allows you to live in the "NOW".  Living in the now releases all worry of the future or the past.  Focusing on the breathing, the body will allow the mind to detoxify and flush the body's stagnant energies out of the body.  Since the mind can distract you by placing continual thoughts and words in your mental mind, see these thoughts float by and allow you not to become attached to these thoughts, but to see these images, words or thoughts to float by and fade away.  This will train the mind to become more peaceful and help to relax the body.

Allow the therapist to move your arms or legs during the massage.  You become a "rag doll" and relax the entire body so that you're not doing ny physical work that may create tension.  If you are doing leg stretches or strengthening exercises, the therapist will tell you what to do and when to exert physical effort.  You will be able to enjoy the session more and not have to strain or stress the body.  Don't try to help the therapist, simply receive.  The professionally trained massage therapist knows how to locate and apply adequate techniques with the right amount of pressure for you.  You can remain confident in your therapist as a practitioner and for their ability to help you detoxify and maintain body mobility.

Close your outer eyes and relax your mind.  You will find that your "seeing" becomes amplified through the sense of touch.  Feel your body flush itself out from the cleansing breaths and renewed energy flow.  Your focus on your body will increase the session's benefits by creating more energy flow and relaxation through awareness of each area being flushed out (like wringing out a rag and allowing fresh blood and oxygen to flow all throughout and within the body).

Upon completion, breathe in several deep gentle breaths and when you're ready, roll carefully to your side with your hands pushing you upwards, drop legs over the side of the table and lift yourself up SLOWLY.  Getting up quickly may result in dizziness and cause you to fall.  After getting dressed, make sure to drink your water your therapist provides for you and fill out the evaluation form (this feedback form helps to continually improve client experiences).

Drink plenty of water the rest of the day (1/2 gallon a day is the average recommended daily amount) to ensure proper detoxification that assists the body in flushing out all toxins that your massage has helped you with.

Receive these body TUNE UPS weekiy to every three weeks OR listen to your own body's stresses.  Your body will talk to you through how soon it tightens up or becomes tense and stiff.  The goal is to be PREVENTATIVE.  This will allow continual flow throughout your inner and outer body.  With the increased energy flow, the many benefits of circulation, destagnation, detoxification, purification, increased muscle strength and responses, You will better be able to maintain and help your body to stay healthy and mobile.  Once your body gets the assistance it needs for proper functioning, your sessions are to MAINTAIN optimal well-being.In case of injuries or when under medical care, it's best to receive your doctor's advice and follow his/hier suggestion.  Your massage therapist may request a doctor's note to ensure your safety before a massage may be given.

Enjoy a refreshed mind, body, and spirit!





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